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furnish history introduction


Founded in 2005, furnish is a Tokyo-based designer unit consisting of Satoshi Yoshikawa, Bungo Komuro
and Marie Hontoku .
Their collection is now gaining popularity not only in Japan, but also in Europe and in the U.S.

¦Concept behind furnish
- To take an ordinary item and transform it to something that is not only practical, but fun to use.
- 80% fun factor combined with 20% self-expression.
(Here, self expression refers to the flexibility in the usersf interpretation and arrangement of the product to best
fit their way of life)

All products produced by furnish are made in Japan.
furnish is based in Tokyofs Adachi-ward suburbs. By utilizing traditional local manufacturers in the area for
cutting and printing, others in Arakawa-ward for the package and through fabric manufactuers in Saitama Pref.,
all products are individually hand-made. For this reason, most products are not mass-produced and carefully
made one step at a time.
furnish will continue to design and produce new products utilizing traditional Japanese techniques.